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DECNO — Waterproof Laminate

Now-days the leading trend for DECNO is the Waterproof Laminate flooring--- Ultra Core flooring.

Waterproof laminate flooring combined the natural wood aspect with innovative high-density black substrate ,which ensures a genuine, mufti-functional, waterproof and mildew resistance laminate flooring.

The black HDF substrate contains the core technical advantages of atomic hydrogen and activated carbon, plus with the four edge waxing, which improves the waterproof degree of the whole floor plank.

Now there is a laminate flooring option for every room in the house — including kitchens and bathrooms.

The Performance Test
Technical advantages

1 Black HDF Boards: ultra-high density, unique technology containing activated carbon and atomic hydrogen

2. Waxing: Double waxing treatment to enhance waterproof performance

3. Waterproof & Anti mildew: Super waterproof performance, perfect for any room ,including bathroom, kitchen, basement etc.

4.Installation over larger area: 4 times larger than the normal flooring,the Ultra core laminate flooring can be installed without the transition accessories, which makes a more beautiful finish and outlook of the flooring.

Floor industry trends

Waterproof laminate flooring is increasingly favored by consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil and other countries because it can be used in the kitchen or bathroom, so that the whole house ground decoration style is more uniform and beautiful.

Exhibition information:

Domotex Asia in Shanghai, Stand E3H36, 26-28th Mar. 2019