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SPC vs LVT Flooring

SPC flooring (Stone Plastic Composit), it is the new generation flooring.Keeping up with the demand of SPC will be a challenge in 2019.The SPC flooring offering will address the residential and Main Street commercial markets. 
SPC flooring is quickly replacing the laminate market share as spc rigid core is rapidly gaining market share.

which is going to instead of many click LVT flooring, laminate flooring & tiles in the market, which are as below: 

Compared with click LVT flooring, the SPC flooring are: 
1). The SPC flooring is more stable: the dimensional stability to heat of SPC Floor is ≤0.10% (80℃, 6 Hrs), while the pvc floor is about 2.0%; 

 Which means in the changes environment of high and low tempretures, the pvc floor is easily to expand or shrink, but the SPC floor will not; 

2). The SPC flooring is rigid core, but the LVT flooring is very soft. 
 As you know the installation of pvc floor require very strictly for the subfloor which must be very flat or even self leveling, as any unevenness in the subfloor will likely transfer through the surface. 
 While, the SPC flooring is rigid core which the requirements for the subfloor is very low and easy, as the rigid core hides subfloor imperfections, and alows for longer wider formats. 

3). The price of click SPC flooring is more competitive than click pvc flooring; 

​And you can also find more advantages of SPC flooring by the link: