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Unipush SPC flooring
UNIPUSH SPC flooring is one of the most intuitive to install and easiest to produce push down technologies ever invented. By angling the long side of the panel in, the panel can be connected on the short side simply by pushing the panel down on the sh... MORE
Waterproof Flooring
Wouldnt it be nice to install welcoming floors in areas such as cafeterias, bathrooms, and entryways without having to worry about potential moisture or water damage? Thats why waterproof flooring has become one of the fastest growing trends in todays... MORE
Waterproof Laminate Flooring
DECNO Waterproof Laminate flooring, which is a new generation of floor. Black HDF boards, with the Atomic hydrogen and high density, is resistant to moisture. ... MORE
Spuer Long Laminate Flooring --1386mm length Euro Standard
A new hot pressing machine of was assembled in the laminate flooring workshop of DECNO, and will be in use from March of 2018. The length of the new hot pressing machine is 2800mm length, which means DECNO is able to producing the 1380mm length Europ... MORE
SPC Flooring Innovative Surface -- E.I.R.
Now most companies in China produce SPC Vinyl flooring by first extruding the substrate, and then using a 4-roll calendar to laminate the wear-resistant layer, the color paper, and the substrate at one time. The surface type of SPC flooring is mainly ... MORE