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Advantage of WPC Flooring
Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) flooring is emerging as one of the most popular flooring categories today. With this flooring product gaining so much popularity, many people are asking what it is, and why it is so popular.... MORE
Best Rigid Core SPC Flooring
1)Waterproof and Dampproof As the main component of SPC is stone power, so it performs well with water, and mildew will not happen with high humidity.... MORE
SPC flooring with Pad
SPC PLUS is an elite product developed by DECNO. Itsconstruction is engineered for durability and designed for fashion.... MORE
Fishbone for laminate flooring of innovation
Inspired by nature and ocean, DECNO R&D team comes to investigate the pattern of Fishbone. Opening up new series, delicate steel plate becomes essential, which carves the exactly beautiful pattern as nature inspired us... MORE