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Laminate—Recoup Market Share via Winning Formula

Although SPC flooring is the darling of the market, laminate flooring is still a competitive choice for many families and commercial areas due to its superior durability and exceptional scratch-resistance performance. It has emerged on the residential flooring scene decades ago and keeps involved. Nowadays, laminate seems to recoup market share, and you may wonder how. Come with DECNO to find the winning formula.
1.Production Capacity
Unlike other laminate flooring manufacturers, DECNO has its own core board factory, and it can produce 1,800,000 sqm HDF board per month. With over 6 production lines, we can produce 400,000 sqm laminate flooring per month. Experienced staff and professional inspection guarantee the best quality, fully secure your product supplies.

2.Technology infuses Waterproof Attribute
Waterproof is always the focus of concern no matter for residential or commercial. DECNO waterproof laminate flooring with innovative high-density black core board treated with exclusive technique, along with painted waterproof bevels and locking joints brings you long-term performance with the moisture resistance advantage. 8mm to 12mm core board will not only give you a worry-free solution, but also durability. Water-resistant laminate has been the name of the game for years, we believe we can give you the best laminate flooring combined with durability and water resistant at a competitive price point.
3.New Looks & On-trend Design
It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the world of lookalike products, manufacturers try to mimic and recreate the real beauty of wood, and laminate flooring is no exception. With 3D printing and embossed-in-register technology, we are able to emulate the texture and add depth to flooring visuals. Laminate flooring can also deliver authentic wood looks and make everyone excited again. With more than 20 kinds of surface treatments such as crystal, handscraped, diamond, etc and hundreds of patterns, we can give your customers a durable, low-maintenance product with compelling looks.

4.Wider, Longer & Thicker
There are different specifications for you to choose from: Thickness 7mm-12mm; Length: 800mm-2200mm, customization available as well. We can resemble real wood not only in looks but also in underfoot feel. Laminate has always been one of the most durable flooring types in terms of wear, scratch, and it is perfectly suited for busy households and commercial applications. AC1-AC5 wear resistance options with various sizes give laminate total advantages over other vinyl products.

Apart from all the advantages we have talked about, laminate flooring is also easy to install, flame retardant, environmentally friendly, stain resistant, etc. Re-embrace laminate flooring with DECNO and seize market share.