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Boost Your Business with Our Digital Services

Under the post-pandemic circumstance, although we don’t know how long it will last, we are definitely affected by it.
People used to prefer shopping in person because they could see the products with their own eyes and feel the products with their own hands.
However, this is not the case at the moment. COVID-19 has significantly changed shopping behaviors.
We know that online shopping is on the rise, but at this time, it is like a rocket high to the sky. And as members of the flooring industry, we need to take the challenge and seize the opportunity. 

DECNO not only manufactures the best flooring, but also provides you with the best-class services.
Our value-added service system includes eight parts, which are branding design related, online sales support, new color developing and customizing, HD room shoots with flooring, color matching & sample mock up, professional staff on targeted markets, industry opportunity & trend, shipping and documentary service.
In this article, I will mainly introduce the services related to online sales, after all, digital is the biggest trend that has significantly accelerated, and we want to assist you to expand your sales channels.

Display boards, hand boards, color swatches, etc allow customers to truly feel the products. However nowadays, we have limited chances to have face-to-face time, our HD room shots with flooring, actual plank panel photos and plank scan pictures will deliver better visual effects and allow your customers to have the in-store experience without sacrificing personal touch.
With more dealers investing in digital and virtual marketing, our online services are unquestionably valuable and will help you to stay steps ahead of other competitors

We are sure to overcome the pandemic and the day to meet in person will come. There still are those who look forward to returning to in store shopping when it becomes available again. But going digital is something we can’t doge, and it will remain critical even after we back to normalcy. It will become a requirement—not just an optional extension of the business. Come to us, we care about manufacturing the best flooring, we are concerned product presentation and marketing as well. We are your holistic solutions of your flooring business.