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Real Wood Beauty, Real Stunning Look

People pursuit real wood for its one and only patterns, textures and knots which are the witness of time. Every vinyl flooring tries to mimic those and present distinct visual appeals and non-repeating charms.  With our innovative technology, we offer you a new choice-EIR (Embossed in Register) flooring, a new option for luxury and natural effect. And if you are looking for new business opportunities among the lookalike products, this is the perfect one for you.

EIR, Exceptional Beauties & Performance
EIR stands for Embossed in Register and is a method used by manufacturers to create the appearance of wood grain similar to real hardwood. This process intensifies the texture, depth, and appearance of the floor. The embossing will create the indentations that align perfectly with the image of the wood in order to achieve the 3D visuals. It can create a dramatic level of realism that can’t be achieved in other ways. 

We Make it Possible
We are constantly striving to recreate the natural and real effects. Although we admire the beauty of real wood, sometimes the price is just not right for customers or the cost of maintenance is not included in the budget. EIR now helps to solve this pain point, bridge the gap and give your consumers a new experience. But you should know that not all manufacturers can give you the authentic look because you need to customize the steel plate based on different decoration films. If you expect nothing but real beauty and excellent performance, you should come to us and choose EIR.
It can give you the real wood looks and feels with all of the benefits of our best SPC flooring. Easy to maintain, easy to fit, great value and suitable for almost all environments. It is definitely the spotlight in the crowd of other lookalike floorings. Come to us, different colors and textures await you!