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Are you worrying about the laminate flooring price from supplier of China?
Are you anxious about the shortage of Density fiberboard from supplier of China?
Are you disappointing at the delay delivery period from the supplier of China?
DECNO,as the only laminate floors manufacturer that can guarantee production as well as the delivery period at any time .

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In 2017, the overall market situation of the material market is uncertain and full of uncertainty."Dangerous" in the tax, environmental protection, safety supervision and other standardized management of raw materials such as raw materials and other production costs surge;"Chances" in the fittest of the fittest, the strength of the market share expansion.Especially in recent period of time, has prepared the interests of the real, broken national environment, the local government to governance haze are already under the command, put to haze pollution of thunder and rain ideas has been hard hit by, 31 inspection, last hundred days "environmental protection, safety check" storm crazy attack, make the whole industry jittery.
As far as the current situation is concerned, in order to realize the sustainable development of social economy, environmental protection has become the basic requirement of the state.
The industry chain is cut off "no goods, increase price" notify the friend circle
Ring the interlocking industrial chain, the whole body.There are no "scattered" small factories of any environmental protection measures in China, and the number of factories that have recently been shut down and rectification has been as high as 176,000 factories, many of which are suppliers of raw materials.Scale manufacturers are forced to accept the price of raw materials, so now we can see that the circle of friends has been notified refresh of "no goods and prices", and a new wave of price increase has been shown.
DECNO is a professional floor manufacturer, with its own base material production workshop, which can guarantee the production and supply of enhanced floor, ensure delivery on time, and resolve your worries!

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Domotex Asia in Shanghai, Stand E3H36, 26-28th Mar. 2019